I’m a big fan of Festival of the Spoken Nerd, a science and math(s)-based comedy troupe from the United Kingdom. In their first video Full Frontal Nerdity, Matt Parker has a routine about his love of spreadsheets:

In case you don’t watch the whole video, Parker discusses his favorite spreadsheet of all time, which uses conditional formatting to create a picture of himself building a spreadsheet. He is illustrating the idea that digital photographs are actually comprised of tiny spreadsheets. This all leads to the line I am using for the headline, which succinctly sums up my day-to-day work life.

I have access to both Google Sheets and Excel 365 at work, but a lot of what I manage is based in Google Sheets. We got Excel 365 fairly recently, just in the past couple of years. I had access to the software version of Excel, by the way, but my need to have collaborative spreadsheets beat out the need for richer functionality.

As it turns out, one advantage Google Sheets has over Excel 365 is the IMPORTRANGE function. I use IMPORTRANGE constantly to pull info from various individual spreadsheets into master lists. It’s spreadsheets all the way down. Linking sheets this way will be coming to Excel 365 soon, according to an Excel Blog post from August 2020, by the way. It can’t come soon enough!

The main bulk of the data I work with will be handled in a proper database soon, but there are still plenty of things I work on that will stay in the realm of Google Sheets. This is good in a way, because my reputation at work is based almost entirely on being a spreadsheet wrangler.  And also having an awesome last name.