Out of the Ashes

When I began graduate school 10 years ago (‽‽), I started a blog to track my progress. It became a useful tool when I was working on my graduate thesis and when I participated in a tour of German federal and state libraries.

After I graduated, I didn’t do a particularly good job of maintaining the blog. Without anything specific to focus on, I wrote in fits and starts. I tore up pages and then taped them back together (metaphorically speaking). I laded myself with whims and side projects that were merely annoyances and distractions instead of fully realized concepts. I obsessively reviewed posts I wrote in the past, desperately trying to generate new ideas.

Basically, I was carrying a lot of baggage that I didn’t need to lug around anymore.

So I stashed everything I had written before into one location and locked it up (again, metaphorically speaking). Then I started a new blog!

To be honest, I am looking to my old stuff for one last idea: you see, I have a lot of work and a lot of research to do in the coming months, and I want to track my progress. I hope this blog will be useful.

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  1. Let’s me start by saying blog post #1 was a success! Secondly, history (almost always) repeats itself — meaning , this blog too may pass as time passes. Lastly, we are excited to share in your adventure! Your research will be mutually benificial for everyone listening.

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