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“As far as I know, there’s no other flap about it….”

I’ve decided to discontinue L.A.C.K. To be honest, I’m tired of updating it. (I’m also annoyed that I’ve had lots of cause to update it, but that’s a different point.) I’m still going to be writing the Banned Bookslut column for Bookslut.

Anyway, in honor of this story, here’s the lyrics to XTC’s “Books Are Burning”:

Books are burning
In the main square, and I saw there
The fire eating the text
Books are burning
In the still air
And you know where they burn books
People are next
I believe the printed word should be forgiven
Doesn’t matter what it said
Wisdom hotline from the dead back to the living
Key to the larder for your heart and your head
Books are burning
In our own town. Watch us turn ’round
And cast our glances elsewhere
Books are burning
In the playground
Smell of burnt book not unlike human hair
I believe the printed word is more than sacred
Beyond the gauge of good or bad
The human right to let your soul fly free and naked
Above the violence of the fearful and sad
The church of matches
Annoints in ignorance with gasoline
The church of matches
Grows fat by breathing in the smoke of dreams
It’s quite obscene
Books are burning
More each day now, and I pray now
You boys will tire of these games
Books are burning
I hope somehow this will allow
A phoenix up from the flames

[TT] The Town Talk via

[EDITOR’S NOTE] This is the only time I publicly said I was ending L.A.C.K. If you look at the archives, I discontinued the site from June until October 2002, and in June 2003. I swore I wasn’t going to flake out again June 2005. Or July 2005, maybe…It turned out to be April 2005, actually.

“Yes, Outkast didn’t sell until they got the Grammy this spring…”

Louise Alcorn covers Kansas library CD controversy at her blog Librarian’s Rant. (I’m being a bit lazy, but why resummarize a good summary?)

[TT] Librarian’s Rant

“…arm farts, burping contests, dirt, and potty humor…”

“Truth, Justice, and All that Is Pre-Shrunk and Cottony,” the latest Banned Bookslut column, has been published in the latest issue of Bookslut.

[TT] Bookslut

Forget that last GPO notice

You may have already read the following update about the GPO’s request that libraries destroy five DOJ pamphlets, but if not…

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 16:03:06 -0400
From: FDLP Listserv
Subject: UPDATE: Withdrawal of Dept. of Justice Publications Rescinded

As you know, on July 22, 2004, a notice was posted to FDLP-L advising depository libraries that the Department of Justice had requested the withdrawal of five publications that were intended for internal use only.

In response to the Government Printing Office’s further inquiry into this matter, the Department of Justice has requested that I advise depository libraries to disregard the previous instructions to withdraw these publications. In making this request, the Department of Justice said, although these materials were “intended only for the internal training use of Department of Justice personnel and, as such, were inappropriately distributed to depository libraries through an administrative oversight,” the Department has determined that these materials are “not sufficiently sensitive to require removal from the depository library system.”

Since 1995, GPO has issued recall letters for 20 publications at the request of the publishing agencies. Seven of these publications were recalled because they were for official use or internal use only, as occurred in this instance.

Both GPO and the Department of Justice regret any inconvenience resulting from the initial request for withdrawal.

Judy Russell

Judith C. Russell
Managing Director, Information Dissemination (Superintendent of Documents)
U.S. Government Printing Office

[TT] FDLP Listserv via Library Underground

[EDITOR’S NOTE] Fixed opening sentence in post.

“… inflammatory rhetoric and accusations from all sides had overshadowed and obscured the true basis of the controversy.”

My host moved to a new server this week, which means although L.A.C.K. never went down, I’ve been unable to post anything new here until today. (I “published” the two previous posts before I realized the move was happening, so they didn’t actually show up on the blog until the move was complete.)

Anyway, I won’t resume posting fulltime until next week, so here’s a couple of links to tide you over during the weekend:

[TT] The Courier via
[TT] Playbill

“We have a law that prohibits insulting friendly nations…”

The Kuwaiti government has bannedFahrenheit 9/11, saying it insulted the Saudi royal family and portrayed Iraq as “a paradise whose problems started with the American invasion,” according to Abdul-Aziz Bou Dastour, the cinema advisor at Kuwait’s information ministry.

[TT] The Guardian via Google News

“Whatever happens, we must not give up our ideals and beliefs.”

When Southern Metropolis Daily’s editor Cheng Yizhong published a front page story about a college grad who was beaten to death while in police custody, he helped spark police reform in China and ushered in a new era of Chinese journalism. He was also sent to prison on a trumped up corruption charge by regional authorities.

[TT] Washington Post

“Sometimes a novel is the best way of making that happen.”

Nicholson Baker’s Checkpoint, in which one character tries to talk another out of assassinating President Bush, may spark a battle between the laws protecting free speech and the laws protecting the president. Freedom to Write Program Director Larry Siems says:

“There are really strict legal standards on what constitutes a threat, and certainly a fictional conversation between fictional characters – it’s almost impossible to imagine that that could rise to the level of a legal threat against the president. Characters in novels don’t kill presidents.”

He adds, however:

“There have been encroachments recently on the terrain of creative freedom that are connected with people’s fears and anxieties. We know the Secret Service has visited high school classrooms where students have produced art that has made reference to violence. The whole atmosphere has shifted enormously.”

The release date, incidently, has been moved forward from the eve of the RNC to August 10.

[TT] Christian Science Monitor via How Appealing

“They are available for public use and will continue to be.”

Jessamyn West talked to Boston Public Library President Bernard Margolis about the GPO order to destroy five DOJ pamphlets. He told her he wasn’t going to take the directive lying down, then later emailed the ALA Council to outline his plan.

[TT] at the DNC

“George Bush is only for now.”

The Linda Rondstadt flap has New York Times reporter Jason Zinoman wondering if it’s a wise move for the producers of the musical Avenue Q, which features an anti-Bush reference, to stage the show in Las Vegas. Producer Jeffrey Seller responded, “Fahrenheit 9/11 is a very controversial movie, but Avenue Q is just a show about a boy who moves to New York to figure out what to do with his life.”

[TT] New York Times

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