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I’m only sort of back…

I just wanted to drop a line to let everyone know that Every Time Langdon Made the News, His Book Sales Jumped, my new Banned Bookslut column about The Da Vinci Code, is now available at Bookslut.

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[EDITOR’S NOTE] Censoround was discontinued on April 18, 2005.

Censoround vacation

I’m going to be taking some time off from publishing Censoround. There are a few reasons for this; the main one will be obvious when I come back. Until then, check out SpeakSpeak News, Blog of a Bookslut, and Talk to you in a little while!

Technically speaking, they were distributed

Remember the article about teen sexuality that appeared in the Wellington (FL) High newspaper student newspaper, prompting principal Cheryl Alligood to ban an issue? The article’s author Amanda Escamilla reports that because the paper accepts ads from local businesses, the paper had to be re-run to pay for the advertising, only this time without Escamilla’s op/ed. However, copies of the paper with the op/ed still in it were distributed along with the cleaned-up copies. In response, the school rounded up all the copies and had the janitor throw them all away.

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UA students speak out against Allen bill

A group of University of Alabama students will be demonstrating today from 2-4 PM in front the school’s Gorgas Library to protest Gerald Allen’s anti-gay literature bill.

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Bush to nominate Martin as FCC chair

You’re going to long for the days of Michael Powell: President Bush plans to nominate PTC toady Kevin Martinas the new chair of the FCC this week.

[TT] Wall Street Journal

Giver retained in Blue Springs

The Blue Springs, MO school board voted 6-0 to keep Lois Lowry’s The Giver on the eighth grade reading list.

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Site update

This week is shaping up to be pretty busy, so I’ll be posting links without any detailed description until things calm down. For example…

Limestone school board needs to rethink book ban

School Board Urged Not To Censor Students
(via SpeakSpeak News)

Racy fluff or reading aid?
(via Blog of a Bookslut)

Gay author’s canceled-visit saga not really all that mysterious
(via Blog of a Bookslut)

Committee: Book is perfectly normal

Ban That Book!: Censorship Struggles for Young Readers

On a completely unrelated side note, rent The President’s Analyst as soon as you can. It’s great.

The blind screwing over the blind

Buffalo’s Channel 7 (WKBW) cut off a SAP feed that provides audio versions of books for the blind after a listener complained about a curse word uttered during a reading of Tom Wolfe’s I Am Charlotte Simmons .

The station later restored the feed, but not during the hours of 10 PM and 5 AM. Channel 7 GM Bill Ransom said the move was to avoid an FCC fine for broadcasting indecent material. However, as Ronald Collins of the First Amendment Center points out, the FCC allows the broadcast of adult material after the hour of 10 PM, so the station was not in violation of FCC regulation.

In its report on the story, MobyLives links to a post by Phil Sheehan on his weblog Some Old Guy about his work on a similar project, as well as his past work with Channel 7:

“WKBW began about eighty years ago as a radio outlet for the theological fulminations of Doctor Clinton Churchill. The letters W-K-B-W, according to station history, stood for Well Known Bible Witness.”

[TT] Buffalo News via MobyLives
[TT] Some Old Guy via MobyLives

Color Purple too blue for school

The Little Axe School District of Norman, OK ordered a high school English class to stop reading Alice Walker’s The Color Purple after roughly a dozen parents complained about their kids feeling “uncomfortable” with sections that dealt with a sexual relationship between a stepfather and a stepdaughter.

Superintendent Barry Damrill said the book was pulled due to district policy. “If a number of students’ parents complain, we’re required to do so.” He added that the book is still available in a “secure area” of the library.

[TT] The Oklahoman via Google News

A case of the she saids, it seems

Summer of My German Soldierauthor Bette Greene claims that Newton (MA) North high school cancelled a talk she was to give because of pressure from religious conservatives. Principal Jennifer Huntington denied the charge, saying that the talk was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict and that Greene had been given alternate dates for the engagement. Greene responded that she only got invited back after she visited Newton mayor David Cohen.

[TT] Newton TAB via Google News

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